Upenn Fulbright Scholar Barbara Reale Teaches in TT

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Upenn Fulbright Scholar Barbara Reale Teaches in TT

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Goals/ Proposal/ Actual Work:

  • Provide Teacher Education to the Principals and Educators of the two Schools of Midwifery (to develop skills and knowledge of adult education, theory, and methods including modular mastery learning, distance learning, web- based coursework, problem-based learning, simulation, and seminar-style and expert-lecture classroom teaching; as well as the development of coursework, programming, and examinations.)

  • Collaborate with the Ministry of Health to revise the country�s Midwifery curriculum.

  • Partner with the University of West Indies School of Advanced Nursing (UWI-SANE) and The Trinidad and
    Tobago Association of Midwives to provide continuing education for practicing midwives.

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