Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation
“Designed by your own body, for your own needs.”

Placentas are rich in nourishing minerals, hormones, and iron. Most mammals consume their placenta immediately after giving birth. The method of steaming and dehydrating the placenta and preparing a capsule is a practice done in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The benefits of the encapsulated placenta includes:

  • restoration of nutrients lost during childbirth, including iron
  • increased breastmilk production
  • fights against fatigue
  • helps decrease postpartum bleeding
  • helps uterus return to normal size

The combination of these benefits plays a significant role in the prevention of postpartum depression. Taken regularly in the first 3-4 weeks postpartum helps a mother regain strength, energy and emotional balance.  Most placentas will yield 80-120 capsules perfectly formulated by nature.

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