Covid-19 Guidelines at Mamatoto:

In view of the current COVID-19 pandemic the guidelines below will be instituted with immediate effect. Please understand that these guidelines are subject to change based on the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government of The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago (GoRTT) and Ministry of Health (MOH). The following protocols are implemented in an effort to protect staff, clients and their families from possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

– All clients and the person accompanying them MUST complete the Screening Checklist on arrival for the scheduled visit with us.

– Only the client and ONE (1) person will be permitted to attend any visit scheduled. No children will be allowed at any visits.

-Only ONE (1) person will be permitted to attend the birth unless a discussion is held prior to admission with the Midwife and agreed differently.

For visits and births other persons are encouraged to join virtually. Wi-Fi is provided


Mamatoto Resource and Birth Centre

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