Debrah Lewis, RN LM CNM MSc

Debbie has been a nurse since 1978 and a midwife since 1984. Since receiving a MSc with a major in Maternal-Child Health from Columbia University, she worked in a variety of settings in New York as a Public and Private Practice Midwife and Affiliated Clinical Faculty Member, as well as doing volunteer work in Africa. She was a founder and a past President of the Association of Midwives and is a member of the Nursing Council. She has served on many committees in the Ministry of Health, Nursing Council and other Non-Governmental organizations while maintaining an independent home-birth and birth centre practice. She is a founder of the Caribbean Regional Midwives Association and is on the Board of the North West Regional Health Authority. Debbie was elected as the Vice President of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) for 3 years and is currently Co-chair of the ICM Scientific Programme Planning Committee.