Our Mission

Our mission is to make a safe, respectful and natural childbirth experience available to every woman.

MAMATOTO is committed to establishing a community-based, accessible equitable and innovative childbirth centre. We offer family centred, individualized care to the healthy woman and her family (as she defines it). Care is tailored to her cultural needs and personal choices. We achieve this by offering comprehensive counselling education and support during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period in a freestanding birth centre. The members of the Board believe health is a right and that birth is a natural process.

We are committed to the following values for the child-bearing woman:

  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Self determined, informed choices
  • Goals

    Our goals are in the areas of service, advocacy, education and outreach

    • Service to provide a safe satisfying and individualized birthing experience for women and their families
    • Advocacy to promote the awareness of a healthy birthing alternative
    • Education to provide information and education to the public, client and health-related professional about our already established Resource Centre
    • Outreach to provide a means for community groups and members to communicate and work together around childbirth issues and to promote referral to appropriate services as the need arises.