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Nursing Student testimony

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Juliet Zingg is a 3rd year Nursing student from La Haute Ecole de Sante at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.
She did an internship at Mamatoto from May- September 2010 and plans to continue her studies to become a midwife. Here is what Juliet had to say:

I have been coming to Trinidad for a few years now so when I got the opportunity to organise my internship, Trinidad was my obvious choice. Since I have done all my internships in hospitals, being able to be in a place where they provide alternative care was a great pleasure. This really confirmed my interest in pursuing this field. We usually have this distorted idea of pregnancy as an illness. Mamatoto promotes and advocates natural birth. They are part of the current movement of regenerating and rehumanising the natural birth practice; providing babies with a gentle introduction to the world.

For me it was a privilege to share this life experience. I observed how empowering it can be for a woman to give life. The childbirth classes adequately prepare the pregnant woman to use her natural physical strength and resources to give birth. Week after week of prenatal consultations build up a relationship of trust and personalised care between the midwife and the pregnant woman. Watching the doula work during labour showed me what true support looks like; help and care in a non-intrusive discreet manner. I witnessed the extraordinary joy of completing the hard work of birth without drugs or anaesthesia.

It takes a powerful woman to achieve a natural birth. Satisfaction rarely comes from tasks that are easy. I was honoured to see the midwifery model in a non-hospital facility. For me it is a great path to maternity.