Global Leader in Midwifery from Trinidad & Tobago

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Global Leader in Midwifery from Trinidad & Tobago

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The International Confederation of Midwives, (ICM), has appointed Trinidadian resident Debbie Lewis as its newest Vice President of global operations. This is the first time that someone from the Caribbean has held this prestigious position; which is the second highest post in the organization.

The appointment was made in September 2011 after Lewis secured votes from midwives around the world. Her job now is to assist in realizing the stated goals and objectives of the organization for the next three years.
The ICM, with headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands, Europe; is the only body representing midwives globally, with over 100 Member Associations in as many countries representing over 250,000 midwives. Their Mission is “To strengthen member associations and to advance the profession of midwifery globally by promoting autonomous midwives as the most appropriate caregivers for childbearing women and in keeping birth normal, in order to enhance the reproductive health of women, and the health of their newborn and their families”.

Debbie has achieved this status among global leaders while keeping her commitments at home in Trinidad & Tobago. She is an Independent Midwife and one of the Founders of, and a Director at Mamatoto Resource & Birth Centre. She also serves as a Ministry of Health representative on the Nursing Council of Trinidad & Tobago, and is one of the Founders, Past President and current Public Relations Officer of the Trinidad & Tobago Association of Midwives (TTAM).