Getting Started

Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for your interest. MRBC offers natural birth services including the option of a water birth. We invite you to attend our online Orientation session held every Monday from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

At the Orientation you will be taken on a tour of the facility and given an overview of the services we offer. There is no cost to attend the Orientation, however, we ask, if possible, that you confirm your attendance in advance. If you decide that you would like to have your baby at The Centre the next step would be to make an appointment to do a Risk Assessment, for which there is a cost.
If you choose to have your birth at another institution, you can still have your prenatal care with our midwives and share your care with your doctor or Health Centre.

If you have the following information available please bring it with you:

  • Blood test results
  • Ultrasounds
  • Record of any prenatal care

A Risk Assessment is done prior to your being accepted as a client.

We would be happy to provide you with additional information including the cost of our services at the Orientation.

We look forward to seeing you and answering all your questions.