Doula Testimonials

I was moved to tears by the card you wrote because in labour you were more than my doula. You were my friend, my confidant and there was one moment in particular in the delivery room where you were my mother-the pain was very intense and the nurse said not to push and only you, another woman, a mother, not even my husband could give me what i needed-the assurance that i can make it through and not push and manage a body that wanted to push out the newbie! Thanks! I hope your kids know just how special a person you are.’

Love always ,

Thank God I came to know of Mamatoto! I met Dianne Williams, a midwife, at an NGO meeting. I saw the name Mamatoto and wanted to know what that meant. Dianne explained about their heartfelt interest, Doulas and what they wanted to accomplish for pregnant mothers, disadvantaged by not having the knowledge to assist them in making better health choices for themselves and their babies.

I must, therefore, say thank you to the kind sponsors who fund Mamatoto and for making pro bono services available to those who are unable to afford it. My daughter was a recipient of this service as she became pregnant while at school.

Nicholette and Nickella

When my daughter became pregnant, I talked to Debbie Lewis about it. She reassured me that Mamatoto would give me and my daughter all the support we needed, medically and emotionally. I was able to handle the situation with great respect, prayerfully, with kindness, love and dignity and to give my daughter the emotional support she needed without going crazy. I felt a new respect, knowing how vulnerable and fragile life can be for both pregnant mother and baby in the womb.

The maternity care was just wonderful. It was a perfect pregnancy and perfect birth experience at Mamatoto. The support and care we continued to get after the baby was born was a blessing. Mamatoto is about caring for the entire family; the dads are never left out. They are encouraged to take part in everything. I pray that Mamatoto and the kind sponsors will continue to provide funding so that many other families will be able to receive this greatly needed care, service, and support that my daughter and I got. God bless Mamatoto Midwives, Funders, Staff and Doulas!
Wendy Hamilton

I am still in awe of my waterbirth experience at Mamatoto. The decision was mine as to when I wanted to enter into the tub and when I did the warmth of the water comforted me and I felt empowered. I chose the position I wanted to be in and what made me even happier is that my husband was in the tub supporting me- it was as if my baby felt what I was feeling, for his head appeared and as I placed my hands to feel him,the rest of his body slipped out and floated into the water.

He was immediately placed on me by the midwife. He did not cry,his eyes bright,looking around, fully aware, grasping his Daddy’s finger.It did not take him long before he found his way to my breast and began to suckle – all 3 of us just lay in the water enjoying the moment.

My husband was overwelmed when he was given the opportunity to cut his son’s umbilical cord. Now,recalling his birth, I feel I can do it again. Thank you to Mamatoto for giving us the gift of Natural Birth. Joanne

I can’t say enough about using a Doula and of course mine was the best!!!!!! I had never heard of a Doula until I was seven months pregnant.

Traci testimonial

I was grateful to have access to Mamatoto’s library and view dvds for my upcoming delivery. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience before during and after I gave birth. Took a lot of the stress away! I am attaching a picture (post-delivery) with my Doula who made sure to come back and check on us after the baby was born! Would highly recommend Mamatoto and using a Doula for childbirth.


“It was my first baby and our Doula was just what a first time mommy needed. The calmness and supportive nature not only on the night of delivery but throughout the latter stages of pregnancy was extremely helpful and beneficial for us. Having a Doula with you at birth is highly recommended. Sometimes becoming new parents can be a daunting experience, but it should not be and our Doula constantly reminded us of this.  The value
of positive support and advice should never be underestimated and this is exactly what a Doula provides.”
Lisa & Justin

It’s almost 4 months since I had my first baby. I thank God for my Doula, who I had met with to start preparing myself for the delivery just three weeks or so prior to it. It was a great experience having her there constantly coaching me through the many hours of labour and even supporting me immediately afterwards to get started with breastfeeding. I must say that if she wasn’t there, it could have been a lot more difficult for me seeing as I had done no Lamaze classes during my pregnancy. After such a ‘smooth’ delivery I would recommend having a Doula to anyone, especially first time mothers like myself.

“My Doula provided tremendous assistance to me during the delivery of my daughter, in the form of advice/suggestions on means of dealing with the labour pains (contractions), and words of encouragement. The Doula was invaluable during periods of uncertainty, since this was my first pregnancy and especially when the contractions were coming fast and furious. I really do not think I would have remembered anything learnt during the Lamaze classes without her assistance. ”
Kerry Ann

I want to write this as I don’t want it to go unsaid. You have been a blessing that only God could have sent to our family. Your involvement in the birth of our first child will never go unrecognized. Your sense of peace and calm helped me to be strong for Mickey although everyone was worried about me in the process. I know that without you, they may have been correct as I don’t know if I could have done that alone. The fact that Baby Jaden came when you were on call may be coincidence but does coincidence really exist? I don’t know. Doesn’t matter though. It was the will of God that it happened the way it did and for this I thank him and bless all involved.
Written by a Dad

Just over 11 months ago our son Mathias was born.  He was our second child and so we know a bit about what to expect during labour and delivery. Having said that we also knew that there are two truths about giving birth: 1) No two deliveries are the same and 2) Having gone through it before does not make it any easier. Our Doula started by explaining her role and helping us with preparation for the big event – Epidural or no Epidural, home versus hospital and so on. When the day arrived and the action started our Doula was with us for the whole process.  She offered not just comfort but also very practical advice. As a direct result of her support the labour and delivery was shorter, less stressful and less physically demanding than that of our first child. I would recommend the use of a Doula to any expectant couple or mother once they are comfortable with having someone else in the room
during labour and delivery.
Nicole & Ian