Baby Grows – Second Trimester



Baby Grows – Second Trimester

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15 – 27 weeks


Organs are already formed and begin the maturing and enlarging process. Head, hair, eyelashes and eyebrows appear. Nails of fingers and toes appear. Heart beats strong. Mother is able to detect movements.


  • Feels better – nausea may go

  • Less tired

  • Colostrum present in breasts

  • Linea negra forms – a dark line between the navel and pubic bone

  • Chloasma – the mask of pregnancy may appear on your face as a darkening of skin around eyes and nose.

  • The physical changes of the advancing pregnancy brings varying responses, some women feel attractive some don’t

  • You are more sensitive – a kind word or an emotional child can elicit strong responses

  • Vivid dreams are more easily recalled

  • Begin preparations for parenthood

  • Read books prepare the nursery and bassinet

  • Partner can feel baby move and begins to feel more involved