Scar Remediation



Scars are the result of our bodies attempting to heal traumatised tissue which can be caused by injury, infection, illness, surgery, childbirth, or violence. When our bodies knit skin, muscle and connective tissue together to heal a scar or compensate for an injury- the result is often:                                               

  • reduced elasticity, sensation and movement.             

  • reduced blood flow and lymphatic drainage               

  • Reduced function of muscles, organs, glands, and pelvic floor.                

  • Referred pain in unexpected places

Not every scar creates serious restriction, but post-treatment for the scar is rare, and movement restriction is common. Remedial and clinical techniques promote the healing of scar tissue which results in healthier movement, blood flow, increased sensation and functioning of the area. A few minutes work, in scar tissue remediation can make a lot of difference in athletic ability, urine retention, and the sense of being whole.

For Scar Tissue Remediation, high grade castor oil is used to work on C-Section scars, myomectomy scars, and for uterine detoxification.  If you have a history of any of these procedures, it is recommended to address the scar tissue before pregnancy in order to reduce scarring, and increase elasticity and blood flow. Scar Tissue Remediation is not performed on pregnant clients.

Patients are guided in using their breath to give feedback as they begin to associate and connect their breath to their abdomen. Many times a client will experience emotional release, and trauma release. This is the perfect environment to address a wide spectrum of trauma experienced. Significant shifts are felt after one session.

Scar tissue remediation can help re-establish proper balance in the intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) and pelvic floor.

Excellent for:
*Postpartum Recovery
*Post CSection
*Post Myomectamy
*Heavy Menstrual Period
*Miscarriage Healing
*Post IUD Removal Healing

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