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What is a Doula?

DOULA (pronounced doola) is an ancient Greek word meaning “woman servant or caregiver”. It now refers to an experienced woman who offers emotional and practical support to a woman (or couple) before, during and after childbirth. A Doula “mothers the mother” – enabling a woman to have the most satisfying and empowered time that she can during pregnancy, birth and the early days as a new mum. Studies have shown that having a Doula present at a birth, shortens first-time labour by an average of 2 hours, decreases the chance of caesarean section by 50%, decreases the need for pain medication, helps the father or chosen partner with confidence and increases success in breastfeeding. (Findings from Mothering the Mother, Klaus, Kennell & Klaus, 1993)


Read more about Birth Doulas in this article written by one of our local Doulas;



The Doula Alliance of Trinidad and Tobago (DATT) was formed in 2006 to promote, develop and support Doulas and the Doula profession. DATT promotes adherence to a Code of Ethics and Code of Practice and provides high quality support to clients as an effective means of improving maternal and child health. Our Alliance is a comprehensive training and certifying body for Birth & Postpartum Doulas. The Doula Alliance of T&T serves to teach, support and certify professionals who aim to inspire positive and sustainable social change with regard to pregnancy, birth and newborn care locally and beyond. Currently there are over 50 trained Doulas in Trinidad who have so far supported thousands of mothers and families and are actively working to improve the birth and postpartum experience of mothers.

When choosing a Doula, it is important to remember that the Doula will be sharing in one of the most profound and intimate times of your life. It is essential that you feel completely comfortable, safe and empowered with your Doula. Please feel free to contact us at or at (868) 707-5279 so that we may help you find a Doula who is the best fit for you.

Doula Testimonials

To read testimonials from parents who had a doula at their birth session, please follow this link: