Doula Training in July

“Doula” (pronounced “doola”) is a Greek word meaning “woman servant or caregiver”. A doula believes in “mothering the mother” – enabling a woman to have the most satisfying and empowered time that she can during pregnancy, birth and the early days as a new mum. This type of support also helps the whole family to relax and enjoy the experience.

Doulas, professionals who offer support to women and families during the childbearing year, are fast becoming a mainstay of labour and birth support. Birth doulas provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother during the prenatal period and during and after birth. Postpartum doulas provide support to families during their newborn’s first weeks of life.

The Doula Alliance of Trinidad and Tobago will be holding a training course for Birth and Postpartum Doulas in July
If you feel this may be your calling or you would just like to know more about the roles of doulas, we welcome the opportunity to tell you more.

For more information call the Doula Alliance on 707 5279
Birth Doula Flyer