From the beginning of my care until the delivery, my partner and I were always made a priority. All our concerns were met with accurate, comforting responses by our midwife. Mamatoto envelopes all that we had looked for in making my birthing experience a good one. The family-oriented, personable nature of the staff made my experience worthwhile not only for myself, but for those I chose to have with me on the day I gave birth. The techniques used during my labour helped me to have the delivery I wanted, all natural with the comforting feeling of being at home with loved ones. Words cannot express our gratitude. It was a truly wonderful experience.

Mamatoto Resource and Birth Centre – The best birthing experience for your wives….
Nothing can compare….trust me…May the good lord continue to bless this effort and reward you sisters immensely!!!

While I was in Barbados over the summer I found out I was pregnant, words cannot express the fright and confusion that took over me. I was just seventeen and a child myself.


When I returned to Trinidad my mother spoke to my sister godmother and she suggested that I check out Mamatoto Birthing Centre where she had her son. Mummy called immediately and we went to orientation. By the time I left some of my fears were gone. I felt welcomed and not judged because of my age. I got to meet all of the midwives during my check-ups where we bonded. On the day of my delivery my doula and my midwife made my delivery as comfortable and relaxing as they could. Thanks to their kind words and gestures my delivery was very safe and secure.

I could never express all the thanks, gratitude, great respect and love for the staff at Mamatoto.

Thanks again.


The ABSOLUTE BEST Birthing experience EVER. I feel so fulfilled and happy to have had full control and support through my pregnancy and delivery. The midwife and doula care and attentiveness to detail was superb. The experience of warmth and love is like no other. I wish every mother could experience this place as I did. You will never regret it. Thank you Mamatoto. You will forever be in my family’s hearts.

I miss being pregnant because of how great the experience was! I almost want to be pregnant all the time just to come to MRBC!

To all the midwives and doulas, a special howde and please keep up the good work. Keep on thanking you guys for all you’ve done for my daughter and I, and you guys always have a special place in our hearts forever more! Keep on bringing joy and happiness to many more mothers and mothers to be and their families.

About three years ago we gave birth to our first child at Mamatoto Resource and Birth Centre. After the amazing experience we had the first time, we decided that if given the opportunity, we would not hesitate to give birth to our second child there as well. From the sincere dedication and care of the midwives to the atmosphere and décor at the birthing centre, it was the closest experience to a home birth. We are currently serving as religious volunteers at the Bahá’í World Centre in Haifa, Israel where we found out we were expecting our second child. We decided that it was best for us to return to Trinidad for the birth. We were blessed to be able to give birth to our second child on September 4​ th​ 2015 at Mamatoto with the financial assistance of its sponsors. Even though each of our two birthing experiences was very unique and quite different from each other, the one thing that never changed was the level of care, compassion and attention given by the staff at Mamatoto. The skill and experience shown by the midwives and doulas together with the warmth and patience showered upon us make them our number one choice if we ever decide to have our number three. Our deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation to everyone who made it possible for us to have yet another amazing birthing experience.
With love, Tamara and Jahangir

Had yet another baby at Mamatoto on September 18th and it was great! Thank you Mamatoto for all your kindness and patience! You guys are exceptional!!!

We love the balance between a family (informal) environment and professionalism. We would highly recommend it!

Mamatoto provided me with the most amazing natural birth experience. I’ll be forever grateful to have had such a beautiful birth that I was able to share with my family.
Samantha John

Dear Ladies,
It is quite a relief just to know that a place like this exists.

My life partner and I are profoundly grateful that we were able to access your services for a second time. But it is not just your ‘services’ that we are thankful for. It is so many things, like the extra time and care that is taken at every prenatal visit and during labour, or the respect demonstrated for our needs and preferences. You made sure we never felt patronized, ignored, rushed or dismissed. Having experienced various parts of both the public and private health care system in Trinidad, I assure you, this is no small compliment. Your standard of care ought to be a benchmark.

That you are able to do all that you do and, further, to open your doors to the less financially able is a small miracle. I trust that the community you have built will keep on working such miracles and that many, many more women and families will benefit. And, more importantly, that the work that you do will encourage even more women to seek outcomes and processes that empower them.


NEWLY BORN-w260MAMATOTO is truly a GEM in the Caribbean! The moment I entered the center, every concern that I had was subsequently laid to rest. The highest level of cleanliness which I observed in every corner of the facility, in and of itself, gives/gave birth to a peaceful environment which instantly, and over the course of my repeated visits, always put me at ease. Add to this the professional, courteous and approachable character of all of the staff, made for the proverbial “heaven on earth”.

All of this, when taken together, is of the uttermost importance for an expectant mother.

During my visits there, I learned so much from the midwives that helped me to have the best natural birthing experience ever. I have had four prior conventional deliveries, but I will forever cherish the MAMATOTO experience!

If/When I decide to have another child, MAMATOTO will definitely be the place!


I thank God for Mamatoto Resource and Birth Centre being there for me at a most difficult, precious and critical time in my life, the birth of my first child. Due to my circumstances at the time, I received funding through the Centre for which I am forever grateful. My Mamatoto birth team, which included a Midwife, an Intern Midwife and my Doula, made my child labour and birthing experience extra special.

Rebekah's birth-w520Along with the natural pain relief techniques used by my Doula and the freedom of movement allowed at Mamatoto, I walked, climbed stairs, did squats and danced to music, which helped me manage my contractions and the pain very well. I had originally planned a water birth, but eventually birthed my daughter on a birthing stool, which was ideal for me. By God’s grace and thanks to Mamatoto I brought forth my daughter, Rebekah Dévine Clarke naturally and gracefully. It was the most amazing, beautiful and memorable experience of my entire life to date. Many Many thanks from Rebekah and me.

Ruth Torres, Happy Mother

I just have seen again the birth pictures of Victor. It’s still an unforgettable moment. I want to thank you again for letting me giving birth in such conditions, and to live with this beautiful baby, almost three years and a half! thank you thank you!!!! I keep you in my heart.

Nathalie Tocchet, Victor’s mummy

Folks like you all are real national heroes. Whether or not there is widespread public recognition or even national awards, the work that you all have done in establishing and following through both with TIBS and Mamatoto is a priceless life’s work of commitment and love. Certainly it is work that touches thousands of lives, including those whom you never meet and could never count because one life touches another and we’re all so connected. God Bless you all and your work, always.

Dr. Amanda Jones

Where do I start? The beginning is always a good place I suppose.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I was not going to the hospital to have this baby. From the start I knew I was looking for something different; more kind, compassionate, caring. Then I found Mamatoto’s web page. I more than double checked to make sure it was in Trinidad. It felt right to me and the life growing inside me agreed.

I just needed a way to convince my partner. That wasn’t difficult once he saw the website also. We were delighted and relieved to find the actual place matched the scene on the internet. We were even more delighted to be accepted to have our baby at Mamatoto.

The care and support I personally felt while coming for my check ups, and I know my partner felt it too, was exactly what I needed. We wanted you both to know that we appreciate it more than I can ever express in words.

Now that baby Kiran is here, I miss coming to the Centre and seeing you every week. I wish I had all my babies at Mamatoto. The birth was more than I expected, and the experience of having you care for me, along with my wonderful doula, was truly a gift that I am ever so grateful for.

Anyhow, what started off as a note has turned into a letter. There is so much I want to say, but mainly THANK YOU FOR HELPING BRING OUR SON INTO THIS WORLD SAFELY AND WITH LOVE.


Paul and Theresa Limerick

Sophie5-w400My granddaughter was birth # 100 @ Mamatoto. What joy! From the time I walked in, a little anxious @ 5:45 am, I was @ home. The centre gives you such a gracious welcome, even the furnishings & the artwork invite you to slow down & enjoy the space, and of course the women of Mamatoto are all about making this the most special time of all. I think its a peace you experience within these walls, one of competence & understanding, of pure kindness towards a mother giving birth. The water birth is truly a gentle & natural way of birthing a child, the mid wives – absolutely wonderful, and Sophie’s doula, a loving, amazing woman who could not have been more supportive.

What an experience for a mother to be with her child, with child…now to share in this, I can’t tell you how appreciative I am! Even after Sloane came home mere hours later, Mamatoto has been a phone call away, and the advice & support is ever present.

To the strong, caring women of Mamatoto, to those of you with the vision, the determination & the will to create this place for your sisters in their time of need, THANK YOU. You are our heroes. There is a sisterhood growing here of pure love, and it began when your gentle hands reached out & said, ‘Come let me share your pain, together we will celebrate life!

Thank You to you all. Always love!
Granny GAGA.
Kathryn Stollmeyer Wight

To say that this is being done “with great pleasure” would be putting it mildly. Having now taken the woman’s journey, better know as her rite of passage, I can truly say that absolutely nothing in the world can compare to giving birth to your own child. It is, quite frankly, what we were born to do – become mothers. It is where the strength of a woman lies.

After a first phase of labour that lasted from Tuesday to Thursday morning, I travelled to the Mamatoto Natural Birth Centre yesterday morning to carry on the journey.
It was a full and very active day, made all the easier with an international team made up of three midwives (from Holland, USA and UK Trained), a doula (Canada Trained) and my Mum (world trained and experienced) who is, I think, one of the world’s finest midwives. And of course, my closer-than-family friend, Nimmi who arrived straight from work and supported until the very end. In the shadows was my grandmother, Catherine Sooknarine, a powerful matriarch who blessed the earth with no less than a dozen children who went on to become entrepreneurs and professsionals around the globe. Though deceased, some of her will live on with our daughter.

The eight of us delivered a healthy, happy and contented baby girl, Zafirah Selena Sylvester, at 9:35 p.m. last night. A little over 6lbs. of joy. The presence, support and strength of these seven women made the experience a true “I will never forget” one. Perhaps it’s because I grew up watching my Mum work as a Midwife around the world and saw the difference that natural birth makes – from the UK to Zimbabwe – that I was determined to have it no other way. The world of midwifery and natural childbirth also exposed me to the heart of a woman’s strength and power. We support each other at these times in ways that our male halves could never understand.

GeddesandbabySo many times yesterday when I felt that I could not go on any longer, I was carried by the energy, spirit and gifts from these women. We bonded in a way that I will stay with me for the rest of my life. They each gave selflessly and completely. So you may be able to imagine the joy I felt to know that the birth of my daughter was blessed through God’s gifts to each of them. He was there with us all the way as they shared freely with Zafirah and me. There was nothing that any of them would not have done to ensure our success.

As I sit here writing this and watching her sleep, like all mothers, I am reflecting on her life and future. One of the many gifts that I will put in her bag, is one that I have been blessed to experience so many times in my life: That she will become a stong, supportive, compassionate, and selfless woman who is able to genuinely give of herself to others and touch their lives in a positively transforming way.

Last night, I felt the Hand of God. Be blessed.


Ahhhh! Finally another tool to help me spread the word! Congrats on your new site. I can’t wait to use ‘our’ room again. Thanks to Mamatoto I had the greatest experience of my life. I am forever in your debt. Special thanks to Dianne who is more than a midwife to us.
Abbie & Julien

During my stay, I made use of everything in my room: the bed, the bath, the birthing stool, the bean bag and even the walls.The privacy at mamatoto was comforting, the rooms super complete and best of all the staff who were so dedicated and encouraging. My doula never left my side and my two midwives were so competent and professional. Their reassurance and guidance throughout labour was amazing. I am so grateful for all the support I received and am still receiving from Mamatoto: it is the most up-to-date mother and baby friendly place for giving birth in Trinidad.

pic_IVMy wife had done a lot of research concerning natural birth and after some discussion we decided that we wanted to have a midwife and a water birth. Ilona is our first child, a beautiful baby girl, and we know that part of her temperament can be accredited to the education and care which the midwives at Mamatoto provided to us during our pregrancy, during childbirth and up to this day. We were fortunate to be the first waterbirth performed at Mamatoto, but this did not mean there was any drop in quality or professionalism…in fact, far, far from it! We had the privilege of having two midwives and a doula, and the support – both emotional and scientific – during childbirth has my immeasurable gratitude.

Mags, Debbie and Dianne will forever be friends of this household. They even made me feel like I was doing a great job during the labour process, despite being pretty nervous. My advice to all my friends and to everyone: if you can, get a midwife, definitely get a doula (trust me, you have no idea how helpful a doula can be) and choose Mamatoto.

Dwaynne Villiers